"Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby- awkwardly, and often with a great deal of mess."
-Lemony Snicket
My name is Lexi . I am a shy girl living your average teenage life, with crazy friends and a huge family. However, I am also a teenager with a rebellious side, crazy ideas, and dreams that are to impossible to make real. I float along through life, using books, music, photography, and painting/drawing as my distraction. I am surrounded by some of the best friends I could ever ask for, as well as a very supportive family. All I seem to do now is dream about my future. I dream of travel, my first love, first time driving and as weird as it sounds, my first real heart break. I often find myself pushing the world away, trying to protect myself in some bubble. away from the drama, the problems, and the fights. In the end however I never held my shield far enough up, I always end up being the one pulled straight to the middle. I plan on traveling the world when I grow up, and hopefully I'll find the love of my life and live happily ever after. Life will never be easy, I don't think it will be for anyone, and I've lost many people in my life while gaining ones who will stick with me forever. I get in to trouble, I make mistakes, and I will never be perfect. I've grown to learn this. Nothing is perfect, we don't live in the movies. Problems aren't fixed with the snap of the fingers. We just have to except that.
"We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That's what connects us--that we're all broken, all beautifully imperfect."
-Emilio Estevez


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